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If you do not yet use the most widespread social media, here are some arguments why start!

If you do business, one of the best options you can easily take advantage of is making a facebook page. Facebook is the most widespread social network and is often one of the first places where people get business information. However, many companies still do not have a facebook page. In this post we will tell you why you should decide to use facebook - of course, except that only 2.5 million users have facebook in Slovakia!

Profile or rather a facebook page?

Many ask about the difference between facebook and facebook profiles. When you start with facebook, you can easily create an account with your email. Once you create this account, the user has the option to create one personal profile and several pages. The common mistake is that you create a profile for your business, but not a page!

When you set up a profile for your business, you create a separate account as if it were a person. So first, users must become your friends so they can engage in any way at all. The problem is that many people are paying attention when adding as a friend, which in practice means that your business profile can end up without friends and without a response on Facebook. On the other hand, the creation of a business site allows users to easily engage - to fancy, share, comment, write messages, etc. It's a much more convenient way for users. Facebook also allows you to provide information such as products and services on the site, opening hours, location, and reviews. When you have a facebook page, your business is more official, professional, and more effective in line with current social media marketing strategies.

Organic reach = the biggest advantage!

One of the biggest benefits of a facebook page is that it provides opportunities to show your business to people on facebook through needs, actions, and comments. This type of exposure is referred to as an organic range. Think about the content and activity you see on facebook. You probably see when your friends are lying or sharing posts even if you did not like your site / company. If your business has a profile instead of a page, only people who are your friends can see what you post.

The more people can get involved in your business page, the better the organic reach. This is also the main purpose of the Facebook business page.

Facebook Challenges!

You can make various challenges on your facebook page and in all of your ads - directly inviting people to participate. There are several such methods, for example:

  • Shop now
  • Click for more information
  • Sing in
  • Call  

Ads on facebook

I can make your page even more visible while increasing overall reach. You can determine who can see your ads based on factors such as age, location, and interests. Because you can choose who will see your claimed posts, your business page will only target the relevant audience and can deliver real results.

Facebook ads give your audience the information they need to find your store, download the app and related information, view the available products, and access your website. The ultimate benefit for ads on facebook is that you can track the results and see how many people click on your ads and how many are redirected to your website.

Finally, you only need to add a facebook face to your business and another fact is that your followers can not be bored!

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