5 tips for successful e-shop!

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Do you need an e-shop and you are afraid that you will not earn money? We offer 5 tips for having a successful e-shop!

Every online store owner wants to attract as many buyers as possible and keep customers faithful. We bring you the first 5 tips for the success and efficiency of your online stores. These tips show how buyers perceive every attribute of your online store.

While adhering to these strategies, vendors can target their customers' interests through their online business to make their business come high.


It does not matter if you have the best quality product in the world and the best customer service, if your e-shop is miserable, your online business is convicted. According to Kissmetrics, up to 93% of buyers view e-shop vista as one of the most important purchasing factors. Design elements should attract visitors at a glance - just after opening an e-shop, such as using full-width images

"About us"

If a visitor comes to the "about us" section, it means that the clients are interested in your activity and give you the chance to prove that your product is the best. What you need to do is clearly explain who you are, what you do and what is most important to offer them. All certificates, certificates, achievements and any social proof are welcome.

Your contact information should be clear and easily viewable. The basis is:

  • Contact email
  • Address
  • Social media channels

Do not give too much information to clients, it may be a sign of discomfort for them. Some online stores have decided on a minimalist design to make the information clear and easy to understand.


Build your reputation and show which companies are working with you. Increase your credibility if your user does not know your e-shop yet! It may not necessarily be a partnership with large corporations, Coca-Cola or Apple, but even small companies can add a degree of credibility to your business. The more partners you have, the better.  

Excellent online support

Your consumers need to know that they will have someone to turn to when they make a purchase if necessary. Pre-purchase and pre-purchase troubleshooting can convert potential buyers to loyal and returning customers.

The most extensive and most useful type of support is an online chat that works continuously. This tool can increase your overall conversion by 10% or more. If you do not have the resources to be able to provide continuous support, you should still try to provide some kind of service that will help people at least during their working hours.

Popular payment options

No online shop can exist without payments. Offer a wide range of popular payment options for your customers so they can always make a purchase easily.

The PayPal service currently acts as a payment solution, but there are other popular options that you should consider. Find other commonly used payment methods to see if there are other services that suit the needs of your online business.

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