How to influence the success of your e-shop!

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Ask how competitive e-shops are sold and you are getting more and more stagnant?

Already in the previous article "5 Basic Tips for a Successful E-Shop", we have informed you about what you need to do to improve your e-shop in order to achieve higher sales and success. But that's not all, it's a good thing to do before competition, so we're bringing you a follow-up on how to have a successful e-shop.

The products or services you offer in your online store do not have to be products that are commonly searched for by customers on google or other viewers, so also use social networks.

Advertise on social networks

Social advertising is a powerful way to connect with many potential customers. Do not worry about content and graphics, take creative and entertaining ways. Advertising campaign on social networks can be anything, but do not forget about keeping content and topics.

Using marketing tools such as Google Analytics, you can easily track the social networks used by your target customers and focus their marketing efforts on these platforms.

Social marketing allows a lot of creativity, so try to implement it in your ads. Use social networking to analyze the success of your ads and build strategies to improve future promotions.


Running a blog is an opportunity to generate more traffic in the store. Posts that contain keywords for SEO and contain useful information for consumers will likely have high search engine results. Posts in blogs that have a good position and encourage people to visit your site are a bridge to people who visit your product pages and complete purchases.

Blog posts create buyer confidence when they give value to the reader, such as providing expert advice on using your product or on industry-related topics.


Reviews and product ratings greatly increase your credibility. Online customers can not meet vendors in person, so they rely on feedback from other buyers to assess traders. Product site ratings save time for consumers by quickly seeing what other customers think of as a product.

Product reviews are more convincing when they are rich. Customers who are happy with your product often do not consider it important to leave a review because everything is okay. Ask them about it and they will be happy to share their positive experiences with others.

Provide the average rating and the number of reviews at the top of each product page, and at the bottom to view the content of the reviews to increase the visibility of the feedback.

Encourage leaving reviews by offering buyers a small discount after they make a purchase and leave feedback.

Seo friendly

Your online store must have traffic to make purchases. A key to creating it? Search engine optimization. By including keywords for SEO in titles and product descriptions, it is likely that your site will be higher in search engine results. Enhanced visibility is a key component for bigger site visits and more conversions.

Responsivity for mobile devices

Mobile shopping accounted for 30% of online purchases last year. This number is rising and only - Business Insider predicts that mobile shopping will account for 45% of all purchases by 2020.

With the growing use of online shopping phones, marketers must ensure that their site design is mobile-friendly to ensure that buyers can buy regardless of the device they use.


Free shipping

Thanks to Amazon Prime, shipping is now free of charge for online shoppers. Supplemental standard shipping costs can simply discourage buyers from completing the cashout at the end of the day. Retailers who can afford to offer free transport should provide this service as an advantage when creating ad campaigns.

Free shipping costs may be hurt for the first time, but many traders see higher returns as soon as they offer the benefit of free shipping. To make sure customers are respecting your generous rules, highlight in your online store that you offer free shipping.


To attract buyers to your business, you should identify businesses that are similar to your business with which you can compare them. Whether these stores offer a 60-day or 30-day return of goods, or offer free or only shipping. Finding what makes competition more profitable allows retailers to determine what they need to change their business to keep returning customers and attract new buyers.

High resolution photos

People are visual beings. We process images in 1/10 seconds and understand visual information 60,000 times faster than words. Thanks to this natural tendency towards visual image, manufacturers make a strong, immediate impression on buyers. It is important to use clear high-resolution photos that highlight product details to quickly attract buyers without losing their attention.


Traders should use control by offering incentives to buyers. Whether it's a pop-up discount on your store's home page or promotional email about ongoing sales, dealers should actively reach buyers with different types of purchase incentives.

Money Back Guarantee

Purchasing online products with limited refund rules is risky. The customer does not see the item personally, so they have to hope that the product is actually the way you describe it. With the possibility that the product will not reach its standards, most buyers will not buy an online product if they do not have the option of returning the goods.

Resellers can build buyers' confidence and stimulate shopping by offering generous warranty conditions for returning goods and returning money. Allowing customers to return an item if they think about it or if it does not match the description will show your loyalty to other consumers.

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