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Your Facebook account has been established for a long time, but not the first post.

Do not you know how or are you afraid the post will remain unanswered? Do not worry anymore, do not worry. We have prepared a number of tips for you to deal with corporate Facebook posts.

It is quite clear that every social networking expert does not have to understand them perfectly. Sometimes it is not easy to experience the skin of customers and especially those of potential.

This platform does not work hard, just know how to do it. In this article we will reveal a few basic posts for making contributions. In the next article, however, we will also talk about the process of the whole communication strategy.

Make shorter posts!

The longer the contribution is, the less reaction it has. Research shows that Facebook posts that have 80 or more characters have a 66% fan engagement size, and posts with a length of less than 40 characters have up to 86% higher exposure.

Avoid complicated contributions

Interesting content can be added to posts in the form of links, photos, and videos. Statistics show that simple posts are the most engaging in retail.

Keep your audience in mind

Make sure people "listen to what you say" they ask questions. Edit and post on facebook, but always keep in mind audiences - customers. Discuss topics that people love. Use personal confessions and keep a relaxed, friendly tone.

Ask questions

It is more likely that users will comment on the post in which you ask questions, like when you post a completely classical post. Do not worry, ask your audience a question and ask them for a reply. Speak to them, they will certainly appreciate it. You can attract people who like to publish opinions or ideas - believe it is a disrespect. The key elements of such contributions are briefness, simplicity and, of course, an interesting subject.

Use stunning photos

There is no type of content that would produce better responses than photos. Beware, the pictures must be not only attractive but also nice and of good quality! When you share photos, make sure that they are as attractive as they are in the small version, not forgetting smartphones and tablets. There is nothing worse than opening a post on your phone and seeing a blurred photo.

Variety of posts

Do not use the same pictures, links, or text in posts. Certainly you know the old we know that a repetitive joke is no longer a joke. Contribute to something interesting and new that you know would be of interest to you. Mix links, videos, questions, polls, and text updates. Do not always publish the same thing, especially if someone does not respond or otherwise does not make a contribution. Mix types of text posts - some personal, fun and some current events.

The right time

The best time of the week is its end. Posts posted over the weekend have statistically higher response rates than the other days of the week. Post one to four times a week. Many more users respond to Facebook outside of their working hours. Adding once or twice a day at the right time increases your overall response rate by up to 40%.


Fans will follow your instructions - the easier the instructions, the better. Ask them to share, comment, or review your posts. Simple calls to action, such as "Give your partner, if you agree," often work very well. Tell users what you want them to and your site will grow.


Action and Reaction - Your response to fan demands is very important, do not ignore it, answer them. For example, if someone asked for photos of your products or asked for your comments, do not be indifferent. Give it a post and answer it too.

Do not forget to test your posts and listen to your fans

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